Just Julee Designs came to be as the result of my personal desire to have a separate knitting bag for my sock projects. I was frustrated with my sock yarn and needles getting tangled up in my larger knitting bag. I started playing with designs, intending to whip up something practical fairly quickly. As I experimented, the Math teacher in me took over, and I started to think about using geometric shapes beyond squares and rectangles. As the bag design developed, I knew I wanted something unique for the fabric. A trip to the fabric store yielded the signature trademark of Just Julee bags - batiks - and Just Julee Designs was born.

All of my bags and needle cases are made with at least one lovely 100% cotton batik fabric, making each bag a unique item due to the nature of the non-repetitive designs and colors of the batiks. They are lovingly crafted one bag at a time. I strive for top quality in my fabrics and in my construction of my bags and needle cases.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Introducing the Hexagon Bag! It is bigger and deeper than the Medium Project bag and sports a removable short carry handle and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap for cross-chest wear or just over the shoulder. The idea came to me from spinners who use drop spindles and wanted to have a hands-free bag to hold their fiber while spinning and to tote everything easily while traveling. 

They are all made with at least one batik, like all my other bags, but some are made with two or three! 

So here they are!

This bag has a smaller bag for fiber for spinners or people who were knitting the 
Beekeeper's Quilt on Ravelry.

So does this one.

This one is really a patterned batik, which I "fussy cut" so the hummingbirds and 
dragonflies would be more centered on the panels.

I brought some gorgeous batiks back from my trip to Portland in July  and I am so excited to start using them for new bags! They are from a lovely shop on the coast in Cannon Beach, called Center Diamond, and from my favorite Lake Oswego quilt shop, The Pine Needle. 

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