Just Julee Designs came to be as the result of my personal desire to have a separate knitting bag for my sock projects. I was frustrated with my sock yarn and needles getting tangled up in my larger knitting bag. I started playing with designs, intending to whip up something practical fairly quickly. As I experimented, the Math teacher in me took over, and I started to think about using geometric shapes beyond squares and rectangles. As the bag design developed, I knew I wanted something unique for the fabric. A trip to the fabric store yielded the signature trademark of Just Julee bags - batiks - and Just Julee Designs was born.

All of my bags and needle cases are made with at least one lovely 100% cotton batik fabric, making each bag a unique item due to the nature of the non-repetitive designs and colors of the batiks. They are lovingly crafted one bag at a time. I strive for top quality in my fabrics and in my construction of my bags and needle cases.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


                   This needle case was  the first one I designed in the needle "Clutch" collection:

    The needle holder can be customized to hold 4 sets of DPNs, two circulars, 6 crochet hooks, or in combination with each other. A large pocket is hidden behind the needle holder (opening at the lower right side behind the flap). This is suitable for a small notepad, a needle gauge, or and extra circular needle. The needle holder could also store a pen or pencil as well.

 This custom order shows the large tote with the mega Clutch needle case, designed to hold 8 sets of DPNs.

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